A stylish and flexible reusable face mask which assures an extra effective protection by its replaceable filter, added to the backside. The product is classified as a medical (surgical) mask, following the requirements and test methods of European standards SS-EN 14683:2019+AC:2019, type 2/BFE2 with a bacterial filtration efficiency of over 98%.


  • Level of Protection

    Surgical masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (from inside to outside).

    Prevents droplets of saliva or secretions from the upper respiratory tract when the wearer exhales. If worn by the caregiver, the surgical mask protects the patient and his or her environment (air, surfaces, equipment, surgical site). If worn by a contagious patient, it prevents the patient from contaminating his or her surroundings and environment.

    Protects the wearer from infection transmitted by “droplets” or from the risk of splashes of biological fluids. From this reason the extra filter of BLACK MEDICAL FACE MASK, as well as the filling have a waterproof layer. “Medical/Surgical” masks can be used in different fields:

    • Surgery
    • Dentistry
    • Other medical procedures
    • In the case of isolation