Want a detailed analysis of your colors?

You will never make a color mistake again!

After you will send by mail to the designer your 3 pictures showing the colour of your skin, eyes and hair, you can have a 1,5-2h colour consultation by Skype and Amelia will analyse your personal color profile with help of 12 swatch groups of colors. 

Thru this color analysis you are going to:

1. Get expert advice for the best colours to use in your clothing, accessories, make-up and hairstyle.

2. Learn how to frame/sculpture your face with shadows and highlights and how to create your best look for a daily or special occasion make-up, by using the right tones for your color character.


​At the end of our session, you will get the pictures & names  of your best colors, to have it available in your phone and use it every time you go shopping.

Get your ONLINE or LIVE Colour Analysis now!