The WHITE RESPIRATOR MASK is a reusable respirator mask with a high level of protection classified as FFP2 mask according with the requirements and tests methods of European standards SS-EN 149+A1:2009.


  • A FFP2 mask has minimum 94% filtration percentage and maximum 8% leakage to the inside; It is mainly used in construction, agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry and by healthcare professionals against influenza viruses or respiratory illnesses such as avian flu, SARS, pneumonic plague, tuberculosis and most recently the new coronavirus.

    The WHITE RESPIRATOR MASK can be used in healthcare because of the intensive filtration provided by the material - a double nonwoven needle filter in three layers, but also because of the compact design which uses origami as a confectionery technique; this means the model has no cut / sewn seams, being able to assure a strong sustainability and protection against pathogens, in a contaminated environment.

    The face is covered to the eyes and down the neckline under the chin. An elastic band (6 cm) adjusts the mask over the nose adapting to the shape of the face. The mask has a soft and comfortable texture and fit, and it is deep enough to offer unobstructed breathing during many hours of work in healthcare.