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Personalitatea poate avea doar un caracter dominant sau poate fi mai complexă, cu un amestec de 2, 3 sau chiar 4 caractere.
Testul nostru de personalitate îți va oferi rezultatul pentru tipul de personalitate pe care îl ai, recomandându-ți parfumul sau combinația de parfumuri cea mai autentică pentru cine ești!

Personality test for choosing your

AUthentique perfume


1. Which of the following alternatives defines your character the most?


 Romantic, sensual, dreamy

 Challenging, sophisticated, passionate

 Creative, rebellious, playful

 Altruistic, sporty, solitary

 Rational, action-oriented, organized

 Wise, deep, empathetic


2. Which color seems to symbolize your character the most?

 Red burgundy wine

 Orange like the flame of fire

 The bright yellow of the sun

 The restful green of the forest

 The clear blue of spring water

 The mysterious purple of amethyst


3. What would be the type of vacation you would need the most: 

  With your girlfriend/boyfriend on a desert island, enjoying every sunset or sunrise.

  In a trendy resort with dance clubs and intense night life.

  In an interesting city with historical monuments and art galleries.

  A weekend in the mountains with childhood friends.

  A location renowned for the quality of its restaurants, shopping and luxury hotels.

  A secluded place where you could relax and meditate freely, without anyone knowing you.


4. What is most important to you in a house?

  The feeling of intimacy, of home.

  Balance and proportions.

  Abundant natural light.

  House plants and nature

  Simplicity and order.

  Silence all around.


5. What is your favorite genre of film?

  Love stories. Romantic comedies. Historical

  Adventure. Erotic.

  Art film. Comedies.

  Nature documentary. Social.

  Crime stories. Action. 

  Psychological. Drama. Documentary.


6. What flavor should not be missing from your meals:   








7. Which kind of scent would you choose from the following ones?

  Rose - sweet and sensual

  Musk - rich and exciting

  Lilac - fresh and energising

  Fir - Soothing and relaxing

  Water lily - light and airy

  Lotus - intense and fragrant


8. What is your favorite type of social event?

  A romantic dinner.

  A chic party.

  Something funny that does not require much preparation.

  A football match or a walk in the forest.

  A ballet performance or a jazz concert.

  Sit around the fire with friends, talking late into the night.


9. What kind of music do you like to listen to?


  Rock ballads, Blues, Classical music.

  R&B, Lounge café, House

  Opera, Avant-garde jazz.

  Country and western, Folk, Indie.

  Pop, Rock, Disco

  Meditation music, Reiki, Deep house


10. You have to solve a problem at work. What are you doing?


  Ask for the opinions of others and consider all opinions.

  Stay calm and act diplomatically, searching the perfect solution.

  Full of enthusiasm, you motivate others to help you solve the problem.

  Gather all the information, trying to get the correct result yourself.

  You try to identify the answer in previous similar experiences.

  You feel in difficulty, but you try to calmly analyze the problem as well as possible before making a decision.


11. What does your favorite perfume express the most?









Send the answer to

 writing the total result of answers you added up to each letter.

This way you will receive by email the result of your test finding out which perfume/perfumes from the AUthentique range best suit your personality.

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